The Living Word

What you have before you is a resource to help you remember to bring the way of Jesus Christ into everyday life.

Each week—on Monday if time permits—we’ll distribute this devotional help I’m calling The Living Word. It will contain the Scripture readings from Sunday, a transcript of the week’s sermon, questions for reflection, and occasionally some suggestions for practicing our faith. This resource intends to extend our Sunday rejoicing into the rest of our week. You can use this resource however you feel it will give you life. Consider adding it to your devotions in the morning, chatting about the Scriptures over dinner with a friend, or even using this in a covenant group or small group.

One thing I do suggest is that however you use this resource, start off by praying Psalm 47


Pastor Marty

Revised Common Lectionary Readings

Most Sundays, our church follows the church calendar using the Revised Common Lectionary to retell God’s story with us each year. 

You can read along here.    SundaysSpecialDays_2PGCalendar_2023

The Upper Room

Looking for a dialy devotion?  Looking to share your prayer needs or pray for others?  Looking for inspirational stories to lift your spirit?  Follow the link to the Upper Room website and explore.