Worship & Devotional Helps

About the Living Word

This is a devotional resource to help you connect our worship on Sunday to the rest of the week. It provides the Scriptures from Sunday, a transcript of the week’s sermon, and questions for reflection. We send it out by email on Monday mornings along with our weekly newsletter. Interested? Contact us at hello@umcnewaygo.org and we’ll add you to the list.


Pastor Marty

Revised Common Lectionary Readings

Most Sundays, our church follows the church calendar using the Revised Common Lectionary to retell God’s story with us each year.

You can read along here.    SundaysSpecialDays_2PGCalendar_2023

Daily Lectionary Readings

Follow along our weekly journey through the lectionary with semi-continuous or complementary daily readings. You can find the readings by clicking here.

The Upper Room


Looking for a dialy devotion?  Looking to share your prayer needs or pray for others?  Looking for inspirational stories to lift your spirit?  Follow the link to the Upper Room website and explore.